Wax Seal Jewelry

Precious Messages... Sealed in Time

Sealed in Time Wax Seal Jewelry

April Here! I hand-craft each one of our Sealed in Time Wax Seal Jewelry pieces using my extensive collection of authentic historic sealing devices dating from 1,500 BC through to the early 20th Century. Each piece is made by hand - never cast... preserving all the detail of the original artisan sealing device.

Here's how each piece of Sealed in Time Wax Seal jewelry comes to be:

  1. Finely ground pure silver is mixed with a binder so it acts like wax
  2. Historic wax sealing devices are pressed into the silver
  3. The new silver seal is cured, fired & hand-finished
  4. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, taking 3 hours over three days to complete - no two pieces are alike!

The messages immortalized in the seals are as powerful today as they were when they were created. Each one is a part of our past, and becomes an heirloom piece of jewelry that goes with you into the future!

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