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    Rimac River Good Luck Pieces of Eight

    For Luck... for Love... for Prosperity and Protection: our Rimac River Piece of Eight Pendants are a symbol of hope to this day

    Rimac River Pieces of Eight Pendants by Cannon Beach Treasure Company

    For hundreds of years, small silver “Pieces of Eight” have been found in the banks and shallow waters of the Rimac River in the historic district of Lima, Peru… not too far from the colonial Santa Rosa church. Perhaps thrown from the nearby bridge, what is known is that for well over a century, courting couples would toss silver coins into the river with a wish for a happy, prosperous marriage.

    Sailors, too, were said to make an offering of a Piece of Eight for safe passage on their next voyage. Now, you can take a this lucky treasure with you on your next voyage.