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The Tortuga Collection Pieces of Eight

The Tortuga Collection of Pirate Pieces of Eight Pendants

The Tortuga Collection - Genuine Pieces of Eight Set in Hand-Forged Sterling Silver

Each Tortuga Collection masterpiece is born of fire, silver, hammer and anvil...

With settings hand-forged from solid sterling silver, and hammered to perfection, each piece of Tortuga Collection jewelry is as unique as the authentic Spanish Reale... the "Piece of Eight" it highlights. Each setting is hand-crafted using the same techniques and hand tools used by the minters of the coins themselves. Because only historic techniques, hand tools and pure sterling silver are used, each Tortuga Collection setting is completely unique - an heirloom piece of artisan jewelry that can be worn every day.

Why did we name this piratical collection Tortuga? The Caribbean island of Tortuga was the infamous and legendary base of the real pirates of the Caribbean - the Brethren of Coast - during the Golden Age of Piracy. 

Image: Stand and Deliver: N.C. Wyeth, Circa 1921