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    Consolacion 1681 - The Shipwreck Treasure of Isla de Muerto

    Shipwreck Treasure Jewelry from the Consolacion - the Treasure of Isla de Muerto

    Pirates! Perhaps no other class of seafarers is quite so famous – or infamous!

    Long before Walt Disney made Pirates of the Caribbean a house-hold name, there was the Treasure of Isla de Muerto...

    While “pieces of 8” and gold “doubloons” are the coins of pirate lore, there are only three Spanish treasure coins or shipwrecks we can directly attribute to pirates and piracy!

    And these are some of them! Here you will discover our collection of Consolacion Shipwreck Piece of Eight jewelry. Enjoy your treasure hunt!

    Discover how these prized Consolacion shipwreck pieces of eight coins began their piratical journey into history in 1681 off an island called “El Muerto”>>>