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Spanish Gold Doubloon Necklaces

Spanish Gold Escudo Doubloon Necklaces

Spanish Gold: Legendary, Rare, Exquisite...
Whether you know them as "Doubloons " or their actual name "Escudos," these fabled gold coins are the ultimate in shipwreck and buried treasure!

No other coin is quite so legendary - or quite so regal - as the glittering gold doubloon. Desired above all other currency by kings, princesses, pirates, privateers and adventurers for centuries, this stunning example of the coin-minters art is the unquestioned treasure coin to end all treasure coins!

Our carefully curated, professionally conserved, and painstakingly documented 20K and 22K Spanish Gold Escudos date from the early 1500's to the early 1800's, and have been recovered from shipwrecks and long-buried treasure caches. We have 1/2, 1, 2 and even 4 Escudo coin necklaces to choose from, and each comes with an extensive documentation package and our 100% Authenticity Guarantee.