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Blackbeard's Prize - the World's Finest Collection of Piece of 8 Jewelry

Blackbeards Prize Collection of Pieces of Eight Jewelry Necklaces

Blackbeard's Prize... Legendary Spanish Reale & Escudo Necklaces in Shining Silver & Gold

Each piece is one-of-a-kind, and quantities are only what you see here on this page.

Edward Teach - Blackbeard the Pirate - is perhaps the most famous of all swashbuckling buccaneers. This collection of Spanish Pieces of 8  and Doubloons are some of the rarest, and oldest, high quality Spanish Reale Cob coins set in 14kt and 18kt gold in the world.

While no treasure has survived from Blackbeard's raids (1716-1718), we affectionately call this exclusive collection “Blackbeard's Prize” as we like to imagine that the ol' pirate himself would have commandeered these reales set by Robert in luxury 14kt and 18kt gold for his personal collection.

If Blackbeard would have worn a “pirate piece of 8,” or a "doubloon" these are the pieces he would have certainly worn! Each one comes with a full-color, detailed Certificate of Authenticity and full Documentation Package.

Quantities of these high grade coins are extremely limited. "Treasure picks the person," so if one "calls to you," don't hesitate to adopt it right away! It is one-of-a-kind! And as always, give us a call with any questions, or set up a Skype of FaceTime video call with us. 503-436-1626.