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    Ancient Egypt

    Special Note on Availability: We are in the process of relocating our Studio and Conservation Lab to Palm Coast, Florida!

    Our coin jewelry is available for purchase and shipment, however, some of our ancient mummy bead designs are temporarily unavailable during the relocation. They will be available on May 25th at the latest. Sign up for our email at the bottom of this page for updates... we don't spam - we only send email once or twice a month!

    Robert and April


    Ancient Egyptian Mummy Bead Jewelry Necklaces Earrings Bracelets

    From the sands of Ancient Egypt Comes a tribute to immortality...

    Ancient Egyptian "Mummy Beads" are legendary for their subtle to vibrant colors that reflect the natural world of Ancient Egypt. Made of Faience, a unique blend of crushed quartz and minerals, each one was hand made and then woven into pieces of jewelry that adorned the men, women and children of Ancient Egypt. Now, we've conserved these tiny treasures, making them ready for another lifetime of enjoyment... another chapter in their fascinating story with our genuine Egyptian Mummy Bead Jewelry Collection.