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    Tibet & the Path to Enlightenment Coins

    Tibet Tibetan Tanka Silver Coins with Mandala of the Eight Paths to Enlightenment and Good Fortune

    One of the most beautiful and meaningful coins ever minted... by a free Tibet - now in a necklace you can wear every day

    True to its Bhuddist origins, every symbol on the these rare coins has a powerful meaning. The reverse, or back side of the coin has a Mandala featuring an eight-petaled flower at the center, symbolizing the eight paths to enlightenment and good fortune. The Legend around the Mandala reads: Ga-den Palace, Victorious in All Directions. On the obverse, or front to the coin, the Mandala features a central lotus flower, surrounded by Buddhism’s Eight Auspicious symbols, known collectively as the Ashtamangala.