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Treasure FAQs

Cannon Beach Treasure Company FAQs... we love questions!

Robert and April Knecht of Cannon Beach Treasure Company in the Studio
Let’s face it, not everyone lives, eats, sleeps and breathes treasure. And, if it’s one thing operating CBTC for many years has taught us, it's that questions can be downright fun. 363 days a year, we answer most of these questions, but there is definitely a “Top Three.” So, if your question is one of the top three, you’re in luck – here’s a quick summary!

In a nutshell:
  1. Yes, ALL of our treasures are real! We DO NOT sell reproductions.   Click here to learn more>>>
  2. Yes, they come with a 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity!  Click here to view our 100% Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee>>>
  3. Yes, they come with the most comprehensive Certificate of Authenticity and supporting documentation available in the world. Click here for a quick video about our Certificates of Authenticity and Documentation Packages>>>

And, if you’d like a little more detail, please read on!

FAQs: The Treasures

Q: Are the treasures real?

A: YES! ALL of our treasures are authentic! WE DO NOT SELL REPRODUCTIONS. Each one is a precious ambassador of times past - a piece of history you can wear every day.

Q: What kind of guarantee does my treasure come with?

A: It is our belief that treasure collecting should be fun, and risk free. All treasures we sell are covered by our 100% Authentic Lifetime Guarantee. Each treasure comes with a detailed, multi-page Certificate of Authenticity, researched and written by Historians and Treasure Salvors April Knecht and Robert Lewis Knecht, at no extra charge. Our lifetime guarantee makes purchasing treasure safe and easy for anyone. Please, please, please be careful to deal only with reputable dealers whenever you purchase a treasure represented as authentic.

Robert Lewis Knecht Recovers Coins from the 1715 Plate Fleet

Q: Where do the treasures come from?

A: No quick answer to this one, as our treasures come from all over the world! (Most of our treasures represent, at minimum, thousands of hours of searching – and sometimes literally a lifetime!) Your detailed Certificate of Authenticity will give you information specific to your treasure, as every treasure has a story to tell. The vast majority of treasures you see here were sunken or buried for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years. The story of their creation, use, loss and recovery are detailed in your Certificate of Authenticity.

Q: Who finds the treasures?

A: The quick answer is: both part-time and professional Treasure Salvors recover many of the treasures! Robert has recovered some of the treasures himself, and we work with people all over the world who love history and getting out there with their metal detectors to recover this lost history. We also work with an amazing group of antiquities dealers all over the world. Due to ever-increasing regulations, some of our treasures, especially the ancient ones, come out of older collections. In many cases, we have acquired the entire collection you see here on the site.

Cannon Beach Treasure Company Certificates of Authenticity and Documentation Packages

Q: What do the treasures come with?

A: First and foremost, they come with our 100% Lifetime Guarantee and a detailed multi-page Certificate of Authenticity, researched and written by us. Many treasures come with additional Historic Briefs and even booklets and DVDs. (Please see your specific treasure page for a detailed description of what comes with your treasure.) We are proud of our Certificates of Authenticity – in a world where it is common to receive only a half-sheet card with the most basic information – our certificates stand alone. Rich in background information, detailed descriptions of the treasure, and insights into the region of the world at the time the treasures were in use, we stay true to our conviction that every treasure has a story to tell. Plus, you’ll receive all the other good stuff – custom packing, a beautiful box or embroidered satin pouch, and a Treasure Care Card to ensure your treasure stays in tip-top shape.

Q: Will you create a bezel (setting) for a coin I own?

A: Thank you so much for asking, however, we only work with coins in our own inventory. 

Q: What are the regulations regarding treasure recovery?

A: The simplified answer we give to this question is: “For almost every inch of land and sea there are different regulations.” While this may be just a slight exaggeration, it represents a greater truth. Antiquities regulations are incredibly complex. All treasures we sell are legally acquired and sold to you. In fact, a large amount of our time is spent in keeping up with all the current regulations we must comply with. We invite you to join with us in advocating for legal, private curatorship of treasures of all kinds.

Q: Shouldn’t these treasures be in a museum?

A: Well, they are! We have been blessed by our ancestors with more than one of these treasures, and, while rare, there are examples in museums all over the world. Through private curatorship of some of these treasures, we preserve them for future generations, while they inspire us to share their stories today.

Q: Why do you call your customers Private Curators?

A: Because we welcome each new treasure owner to the family of historians and collectors – to a tradition of private curatorship that has preserved and safeguarded the treasures of the world for century after tumultuous century. Each of us is joined together in the belief that treasures are more than just former trade goods or objects of intrinsic value, but priceless ambassadors of past cultures and peoples – our ancestors – the people who created our shared history. Rather than speaking to us from the pages of books, or being locked out of sight in a storage vault, these treasures live with us each day, inspiring wonder, curiosity and passion for our shared past. It is our hope that you will continue to preserve, safeguard, enjoy and share your unique piece of history as a true Private Curator.

Q: Do you have treasure from…?

A: Do your ancestors hail from a particular part of the world, or do you have an unbridled passion for a certain time in history or a famous historical figure? Has thoughts of a particular time or place from times past ignited your curiosity? If so, we get it! If you’re looking for treasure from a specific time or place, give us a call at 503.436.1626 or drop us a line – you may be surprised at what’s in the treasure vault.

Robert Lewis Knecht Cannon Beach Treasure Company

Q: How do you know all this history?

A: The short answer: they conceal that information in books! For more info on History Central, please get a glimpse of our Research Library by clicking here>>>

FAQs: The Artistry

Q: Is the treasure found in jewelry?

A: The quick answer is no. The gold and silver bezels you see surrounding our treasure coins are custom created by us. The longer answer: We do find antique and ancient jewelry when hunting for treasures, and sometimes that jewelry is made out of coins. People have been wearing coins as jewelry since they were invented – about 2,600 years! We also find coins with holes in them – a sure sign that they may have been worn as jewelry.

Q: Does it hurt the treasure to put it in jewelry?

A: Setting treasure coins in jewelry is an art and a science. Our goal is to preserve each piece of history while creating something that can be worn and appreciated on a daily basis. This is why you want someone who specializes in creating treasure jewelry to create yours.

Q: Can I place a custom order?

A: We would love to create a treasure piece just for you or someone you love! Please keep in mind we only work with treasure coins in our own inventory. We do not create bezels for coins outside our inventory. Best to give us a call (503.436.1626) or drop us a line to get started!

Robert and April Knecht of Cannon Beach Treasure Company

Q: Can I (shower, swim, take a dip in the pool, visit a sulfur spring, bathe in battery acid… you’re getting the idea) while wearing my treasure?

A: While each of these treasures is a tough survivor of hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of years, and can stand up admirably to daily wear, we ask that you remove your treasure jewelry before getting wet. Otherwise, caring for your treasure jewelry is easy, and each piece comes with a Treasure Care Card! Or learn all about treasure coin jewelry care here>>>

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Q: Why should I create an online account?

A: It saves you time – we’ll save your shipping information for your next visit. We NEVER store any financial information!

Q: How do I recover a lost password?

A: Those pesky passwords! Just click “Login” and then click “Forgot My Password” and our super computer will assist you with this crisis!

Q: Is your website secure?

A: We take your online security seriously. Every order is processed with an SSL certificate through GeoTrust®, for the most current order processing security protocols.

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