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    Celtic Ring Money

    Ancient Bronze Celtic Ring Money - 800 BC - 50 BC

    Celtic Ring Money 1000 BCCeltic bronze ring money dates from approximately 800 to 50 BC, when these sturdy bronze rings were traded as currency among the Celtic tribes from the Danube River region to Eastern Europe, France and Spain. And later, while uncommon, Britain, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

    Of Special Note: We’ve been working with Ancient Celtic Bronze Ring Money daily for over ten years. Conserving and authenticating these rare artifacts is a Cannon Beach Treasure Company specialty. Each one comes to us still in the soil that it was buried in for millennia. Each is individually analyzed, lovingly hand-conserved, and documented in our Conservation lab. We are the world’s premier source for authentic Celtic Bronze Ring Money, and are proud to bring you these stunning pieces of our shared history.

    While they many not look like money, these bronze rings were used as currency by Celtic tribes and were worn on clothing or tied together with leather or string. Often referred to as “ring-money,” this type of Celtic artifact is rare. These artifacts were hand-made by Celtic craftsmen over 2,000 years ago.

    Ancient Celts lived in tribal groups, with independent chieftains ruling different geographical regions. They were courageous warriors and were infamous for chivalry and maniacal courage. But these warrior traits were paired with a deep appreciation and celebration of the arts and philosophy. The ancient Celts were master metal-smiths, and created what remains some of the most stunning examples of metalwork ever created. Unlike other ancient cultures, the Celts viewed men and woman with equality - both sexes serving prominent roles in religious observance and military structure.

    Buried or lost, these precious rings are a stunning reminder of this astounding ancient culture. Legend and lore combine in the eternal shape of the ring, with patinas from rich, bright green to mellow, vibrant bronze, each one is an ambassador from one of the greatest peoples of our shared world history.

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