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    Pick the Perfect Treasure Coin Jewelry

    Pick the Perfect Piece of Shipwreck or Buried Treasure Coin Jewelry

    Our three quick tips for finding “THE ONE” - the Perfect Piece of Treasure Coin Jewelry

    We know it can be daunting… picking the perfect piece of history that will be a precious family heirloom to be handed down generation to generation! But don’t worry – we’ve got the three (or six, as the case may be) quick questions to ask yourself that will make your search fun and easy:

    If you know the type of treasure you seek:

    1. What size is ideal for you? Check the item details for size – we try to compare each piece to a U.S. coin for easy comparison. You can also click the “Size Guide” link found above the Add to Cart button.
    2. What is your budget? We’ve got treasure coin jewelry that starts at $30 and ranges into the very rare. You can Shop by Price under the Treasure Jewelry tab of the top navigation.
    3. What coin quality are you looking for? Compare the visible details of the pieces in your price range. Within each collection you will find a range of quality and budget.

    If you’re not sure what kind of treasure is the best fit for you:

    1. Is there an era – a time in history – that you are fascinated by? The ancient world of the Celts, Greeks and Romans, the Medieval World, the Golden Age of Piracy, the Age of Discovery
    2. Is there a place – a region – that has your heart? The British Isles, the Far East, the Holy Land, Europe, or the Seas in Between…
    3. Is there a culture or people who speak to you? The Ancient Greeks, the Roman Legions, Mighty Samurai Warriors, the Pirates of the Caribbean, the Great Explorers, the Knights Templar…

    Once you’ve asked yourself these three questions… ask yourself the first three to pin-point your perfect treasure

    Still confused, or just want the help of a treasure expert?

    We’re experts at matching people to treasure and can work with almost any budget! Just give us a call at 503.436.1626, or email us here>>> And, there’s Live Chat and even Facetime and Skype if you’d like!