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About Us

Robert & April Knecht welcome you to Cannon Beach Treasure Company and a magical world of sunken and lost treasure coins, artifacts and antiquities to explore...

We invite you to be our guests on a journey through time... a journey where history comes to life!  Every day, we welcome people from all over the world into a realm of mystery, of legend, and of treasures to satiate desire.  We're honored to be your hosts on this journey, and look forward to stepping with you into the past, to see, touch and experience authentic treasures we've gathered from the four corners of the globe.

Robert Lewis Knecht

Robert Lewis Knecht Owner Cannon Beach Treasure Company 1715 FleetYou might say that Robert was destined to live the life of a historian, treasure salvor and adventurer.  He was born in Crescent City, CA, just six miles from the wreck of Brother Jonathan that sank in 1865 and took $50 million in gold to the bottom. He grew up in the family show biz act, visiting historic landmarks all over the U.S., Canada and Mexico. While living in Key Largo, Florida he worked as a firefighter/EMT and wrote for local newspapers. His first expedition was in 1988 as the medic and photojournalist for the O.R.C.A. Project that was searching for a whaling ship that sank in 1897, 250 miles inside the Arctic Circle.  This lead him into the world of historic shipwreck salvage. Since then he has made over 900 dives on historic ship wrecks and filmed numerous treasure expeditions, above and below the water, from the Florida Keys to Mexico to Sri Lanka.  In 1994 he was inducted into the prestigious Explorers Club as a Fellow National. And when he isn’t at Cannon Beach Treasure Co., he’s researching and writing about treasure discoveries, or treasure hunting.  His most recent documentary adventure was filming a nine month expedition in the Superstition Mountains searching for the legendary Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. As an award-winning cameraman and producer, his work has appeared on PBS, Discovery Channel, History Channel and many others. He now spends his time researching, writing and creating one-of-a-kind historic jewelry pieces for history lovers throughout the world.

April Selby Knecht

April Selby Knecht Cannon Beach Treasure CompanyAfter 20 years in corporate America, April was ready to trade in her corner office for a full-time consulting career, putting her experience as a top Marketing and Creative talent to work for multi-nationals ready to cash in on lucrative multi-channel marketing opportunities. 
But her background in adventure travel, a university education in history, and a passion for working and living abroad, soon led her to swap the board room for a backpack, and the rest is history. Not afraid to get her hands dirty, April is as at home living in a tent for months on end as she is sailing a boat in the tropics or her beloved San Francisco Bay, and approaches treasure hunting with the heart of an historian, and the soul of a story teller. From the tiny towns of the forgotten European countryside, to the dark and mysterious Celtic burial crypts of Scotland’s outer islands, April can’t get enough of history and one-on-one contact with our distant past. When she’s not in the field, April loves to entertain with stories gleaned from her experience working with pioneer families throughout the West, preserving America’s heritage for a generation far removed from the wagon train and campfire. From her design background in retail floristry growing up, and graphic design as a marketing professional, April brings her own unique vision to life as Cannon Beach Treasure Company’s resident jewelry designer, hand-crafting most of the pieces you will see right in our Cannon Beach shop.