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The Treasure Lights Collection

Luces del Tesoro - "The Treasure Lights"

The Treasure Lights Collection of Rare Spanish Cob Reales

Perhaps one of the most fascinating treasure discoveries that we have ever been able to make available to our collectors and guests! Virtually uncirculated, these silver Spanish Pillars and Waves cob coins were minted in Potosi, Peru (present day Bolivia) from the early 1600s through 1773 and buried not long after they were minted. Buried in the highly mineralized desert soil above 10,000 feet, locals searched the desolate rural lands on moon-less nights in decades past, in search of eerie glowing lights that hover near the ground. Known in South and Central American lore as Luces del Tesoro, or Luces del Denero ("Money Lights"), they would dig where these lights occurred and discovered coin caches. Why do these mysterious lights appear, and why were the coins buried? Robert has spent the last several months researching an amazing 10 page Certificate of Authenticity answering these and many more questions! We guarantee you will not find anymore incredible treasure anywhere else - it is exclusively ours.


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