Shipwreck Spanish Reale Necklaces

Shipwreck Treasure Coin Necklaces

Shipwreck Treasure Coin Jewelry from the Most Legendary Shipwrecks of All Time

From Mel Fisher's legendary Atocha to the infamous El Cazador sunk off of New Orleans with a king's fortune in glittering silver Pieces of Eight, nothing stirs the imagination more than shipwreck treasure. 

Once lost to the sea, and forgotten for centuries, these silver Reales and gold Escudos are genuine pieces of history, whose loss left the word forever changed.

Each of the Spanish shipwreck treasure coins in our jewelry is professionally stabilized and conserved in our own Conservation Lab. Each is individually documented and certified - and each comes with an extensive Certificate of Authenticity and Documentation Package researched and written by us.

Shipwreck treasure coin jewelry - necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pendants, are pieces of history you can wear... history that lives on to inspire curiosity, wonder and adventure. 

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