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Celtic Ring Money

Celtic Ring Money at Cannon Beach Treasure CompanyCeltic bronze ring money dates from 800 to 50 BC, when these sturdy bronze rings were traded as currency among the Celtic tribes of Northeastern Europe, and later, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

These precious ancient artifacts are hand-conserved and stabilized in our Conservation Lab. Some Celtic Ring Money has a rich, green patina due to its centuries under ground, while other rings display the glowing bronze patina that they had while they were in use millennia ago.

Of Special Note: We’ve been working with Ancient Celtic Ring Money daily for over ten years. Conserving and authenticating these rare artifacts is a Cannon Beach Treasure Company specialty. Each one comes to us still in the soil that it was buried in for millennia. Each is individually analyzed, lovingly hand-conserved, and documented in our Conservation lab. We are the world’s premier source for authentic Celtic Ring Money, and are proud to bring you these stunning pieces of our shared history.

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