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Concepcion Shipwreck Spanish 8 Reale Silver Piece of Eight Sterling Silver TORTUGA COLLECTION Pendant | Artifact #6249

Before Mel Fisher's Atocha, there was Burt Webber's famed Spanish galleon, Concepcion... and her glittering silver shipwreck pieces of 8 from Silver Shoals Reef, now in our exclusive Tortuga Collection Hand-Hammered Setting

Please Note: This is an authentic Concepcion Shipwreck Treasure Coin, and you will receive the exact pendant in the photographs and description.


This pendant is part of our Tortuga Collection featuring our exclusive hand-hammered sterling silver settings. Each is unique, like the treasure coins they surround. Please see below for more details.

On September 20, 1641, the Spanish treasure fleet set sail for Seville, Spain, from Havana, Cuba, loaded with tons of silver Pieces of Eight from New World mines. On the 28th, the fleet was hit by a massive hurricane, and the fleet was tossed by the towering waves and scattered.

Badly damaged, Nuestra Señora de La Pura y Limpia Concepcion was abandoned by the fleet and left to fight for her survival alone. With makeshift sails, she desperately sought a safe harbor. But on October 31 she ran aground on a reef in the middle of the Caribbean, 70 miles from land. The reef would become the famed Silver Shoals...

Her legend grew, whispered in dark corners of taverns throughout the Spanish Main and West Indies... and treasure hunters searched for her for 337 years. Then in 1978, teamed with world renowned Spanish scholar, Jack Haskins, Burt Webber, Jr. discovered the coral entombed remains of Concepcion... and a king's ransom in Spanish silver.

Much of that silver was in the form of crudely minted "cob" coins - the legendary Pieces of 8, each with their own unique shape. Combined with centuries of sea wear and stunning patinas, each is a small work of art - a Limited Edition of one. This silver coin is from Burt Webber's personal salvors' division.

See below for more details about this rare, Webber special collection.

Your Concepcion 8 Reale Piece of Eight

  • Date: Circa 1640
  • Denomination: 8 Reale
  • Mint: Mexico City, Nueva Espana (present day Mexico)
  • Coin Metal: Silver
  • Bezel Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Obverse (Front): The Florenzada Cross
  • Reverse: (Back): Shield of Philip IV
  • Articulating Maritime Shackle Bail Interior Diameter: Will accommodate chain or leather necklace up to LARGE 8.5mm
  • Pendant size including bezel: 1 5/8" Across, 2" 3/8 Tall - the width of a U.S. Silver Dollar

Note from Robert: Stunning cross and shield detail. Nice hefty piece. "oM" Mexico City mint mark.

The largest denomination minted by the Spanish, this 8 Reale has a beautiful cross and good detail on both sides. It has the distinctive "scoop" shape Concepcion coins are famed for - a wonderful example from this legendary wreck.

We treasure hunters affectionately call this a "Key West Dog Tag" - sidle (if there's no horse, it's sidle) up to an oyster bar, and you will turn heads!

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Presenting our Exclusive Legacy Collection of Concepcion Pieces of Eight: You don't get any more rare and collectable than our exclusive Legacy Collection. This silver Piece of Eight was part of Burt Webber's personal salvors' division - we are so thrilled to have acquired this collection from the early days of Concepcions' salvage.

It not only comes with our multi-page detailed Certificate of Authenticity, but also an original Certificate issued in 1979 by Webber, his conservator Henry Taylor III, and Cesar Ivan Feris Iglesias, president of the Dominican Republic Underwater Archaeology Commission... true treasure hunter memorabilia.

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The Tortuga Collection - Genuine Pieces of Eight Set in Hand-Forged Sterling Silver

Each Tortuga Collection masterpiece is born of fire, silver, hammer and anvil...

With settings hand-Forged from solid sterling silver, and hammered to perfection, each piece of Tortuga Collection jewelry is as unique as the authentic Spanish Reale... the "Piece of Eight" it highlights. Each setting is hand-crafted using the same techniques and hand tools used by the minters of the coins themselves. Because only historic techniques, hand tools and pure sterling silver are used, each Tortuga Collection setting is completely unique - an heirloom piece of artisan jewelry that can be worn every day.

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Your Concepcion Pendant Comes Complete with:

  1. Our 100% Authentic Lifetime Guarantee
  2. Original Burt Webber Certificate of Authenticity
  3. A Detailed, Customized, Multi-Page Photo Certificate of Authenticity Researched and Written by Robert Lewis Knecht
  4. 8 Page Mexico Mint Historic Brief by Robert
  5. "Pieces of Eight" Historic Brief
  6. The Coins of the Lost Galleons Book
  7. Treasure Hunters Gazette Booklet
  8. Mini Museum Display for when you are not wearing your treasure
  9. A Treasure Jewelry Care Card

Save 20% on a Chain!

Save 20% on a Chain!

with your treasure coin purchase. Choose your chain and enter Coupon Code: CHAIN at checkout. (Does not apply to discounted clearance chains.)

with your treasure coin purchase. Choose your chain and enter Coupon Code: CHAIN at checkout. (Does not apply to discounted clearance chains.)

We're Robert & April and we're here to help!

We're Robert & April and we're here to help!

Questions? Confused? Looking for a gift? We're experts at matching treasure to people. Give us a call at 503.436.1626, join us on Live Chat, or drop us an email at

Questions? Confused? Looking for a gift? We're experts at matching treasure to people. Give us a call at 503.436.1626, join us on Live Chat, or drop us an email at