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Robert Lewis Knecht and April Knecht Historians Authors Treasure Salvors

Welcome to the Wondrous World of Shipwreck Treasure!

Little did I know as an adventure filmmaker who was just starting to work with the Florida Keys treasure divers – some 30 years ago – that one documentary would turn into a lifetime fascination with (and a full-time career in) the shipwreck and buried treasures of the world!

Now, my wife April and I are the owners of Cannon Beach Treasure Company, an emporium of all things sunken and buried treasures – 3,000 years of history come to life. We curate over 300 individual treasure collections, and some of our most treasured are the shipwreck coins you see here.

Once loaded aboard trade vessels and treasure galleons, they are ambassadors of the past that live on today. Their stories are what make them significant – what make them fascinating to this day!

I made a pledge 30 years ago that every treasure I sell would come with a complete, detailed history of the coin’s creation, use, loss and recovery. Rather than a “romance card” or “mini-certificate” each of our shipwreck and buried treasure coins comes with a detailed, multi-page Certificate of Authenticity, supporting Historic Briefs, Booklets and our 100% Forever Authenticity Guarantee.

So welcome to the wondrous world of shipwreck treasure! Don’t miss our Shipwreck Guide, Buyer’s Guide and our commitment to Private Curatorship.

But most of all, please enjoy these amazing pieces of our shared history!

Robert Knecht
Historian, Author & Treasure Salvor