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VIDEO: Admiral Gardner Bronze Shipwreck Spikes

Robert here... Direct from the Conservation Lab:


Okay. Quite a few times we were asked about how do we do our conservation. Here's an example of some spikes from Admiral Gardner, that sank in 1809, January of 1809.

Admiral Gardner 1809 Shipwreck Bronze Spikes

We got these from a long time associate and friend, the salvage master. They are from his personal collection. They're the last ones.

They start out very heavily encrusted, and one of the goals that at least I have, personally, is to be able to preserve some of that encrustation.

Shipwreck Artifacts Admiral Gardner Bronze Spikes

After going through a multi-hour conservation process we're starting to see how beautiful the bronze is. But then, it left some encrustation on here. That's a part of its story, the artifact’s story.

Admiral Gardner Shipwreck Treasure Artifacts

Here, you can see the bronze showing through but yet, the encrustation on the rest of it, and that's a careful process to not remove it all because sometimes a lot of collectors like to have that part of it because any shipwreck artifact, for the most part, unless it's gold, is not going to survive pristine.

Conserved Admiral Gardner Shipwreck Bronze Spikes

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this video and these will soon be available for purchase. We're going to keep some of them but other ones will be available to be added to your shipwreck collection.



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