Trident & Dolphin Ancient Greek Fine Silver Wax Seal Pendant with Lab Diamond #8666 | Seal Date & Origin: 300 BC, Macedonia

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The dolphin was a sacred symbol, as well as marine companion, to the ancient Greeks

Please Note: This is a hand-crafted wax seal pendant made with the sealing device described. Each piece is unique, and you will receive the exact wax seal pendant in the photographs and description.

A seafaring people... the Greeks revered and respected the dolphin from the earliest origins of their culture. Viewed as a trusted helper to man, they are depicted throughout Greek art, and here, one is seen with a trident on this wax seal pendant made with an ancient Greek bronze seal ring fragment (fortunately, only the shank is missing.)

Dolphins were views as protectors of man, and sailors throughout the Greek lands considered it to be a good omen to have dolphins ride the wake of their  sailing vessels. Just like us, these ancient sailors were constantly alert for the sight of dolphins in the waters around their ships. Now, this "friend of man" can be with you every day.

Your Ancient Greek Dolphin Seal:

  • Metal: .999 Fine Silver - Luxury Weight & Thickness for Added Depth
  • Gemstone: Lab Created Diamond Seal Stone
  • Sealing Device Date: 300 BC
  • Sealing Device Origin: Macedonia
  • Special Note: The bronze seal ring used to make this pendant was unearthed over 50 years ago. It is just a fragment, but fortunately the "table" with the image is intact. It is true to Greek art with the legendary Trident and the curved tail. It is a stunning, miniature example of stylized ancient Greek art.
  • Jewelry Artist: April Knecht
  • Size: 1/2” Across, 3/4” Tall, 20" Antiqued Stainless Steel Chain included

Please Note: I create each piece of Sealed in Time jewelry one-at-a-time by hand. Slight variances are natural, and are part of the joy of a hand-crafted piece of jewelry! Your "Ancient Greek Dolphin" seal will be created with the actual 300 BC bronze seal ring fragment!

Your Sealed in Time Pendant comes with:

  1. A 20" Antiqued Stainless Steel Chain
  2. A Detailed, Multi-Page Historic Brief: Seals Have Bound Our Promises Across Time Researched and Written by April Knecht
  3. A story card detailing the message and symbolism of your Sealed in Time piece
  4. An Linen Gift Pouch
  5. A Treasure Jewelry Care Card