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    Silver 8 Reale Spanish Portrait Dollar Dated 1814 - the Legendary "Piece of Eight" Pendant | Artifact #4381

    Size Guide
    Size Guide for Ladies & Gentlemen
    Pendant Necklace and Ring Size Guide
    Size Guide for Ladies & Gentlemen
    Pendant Necklace and Ring Size Guide

    “Pieces of Eight! Pieces of Eight!”

    Please Note: This is an authentic Spanish Treasure Coin, and you will receive the exact pendant in the photographs and description.

    No phrase in the English language can conjure more vivid dreams of chests overflowing with buried pirate treasures to satiate desire! And now, the most legendary coin ever minted comes out of our vaults…  Spanish Pieces of Eight - the legendary pirate coin!

    Discovered long ago, and safe-guarded in private collections, these beautiful silver coins have been in our vault for many years… until now. After being buried or cached for hundreds of years, they have been professionally conserved and curated by Robert, and are ready to became a fascinating piece of history you can wear for a lifetime.

    Your Pirate Spanish Piece of Eight Necklace 

    • Type: Spanish Portrait Dollar - Real
    • Denomination: 8 Reale
    • King: Ferdinand VII
    • Date: 1821
    • Mint: Potosi, Upper Peru (present day Bolivia)
    • Coin Metal: Silver
    • Bezel metal: Proprietary No-Tarnishing Sterling Silver
    • Articulating Nautical Shackle Bail Interior Diameter: Will accommodate chain or leather necklace up to 6.2 mm
    • Obverse (Front): The Portrait of the King
    • Reverse: (Back): The Pillars of Hercules and the Arms of Spain's Leon & Castile - "PLUS ULTRA" "More Beyond" on the ribbon around the pillars
    • Pendant size including bezel:  1 3/4" wide, 2 1/4" tall - The diameter of a U.S. Silver Dollar

    Note from Robert: This is a sweet Spanish Portrait Dollar, with nice, visible "PLUS ULTRA" on the ribbons and "PTSI" Potosi mint monogram. Interesting to note: some one hundreds of years ago pierced a hole in it above the portrait, probably so they could string coins together for safety. Then it was plugged at some point before it was lost. The plug was done so perfectly that one must study it hard to barely see it. This is an indication that the coin went back in circulation before it was eventually secreted away. Very interesting.  

    Us treasure hunters affectionately call this size of coin a "Key West Dog Tag." Perfect to wear when you sidle (if there is no horse, it's sidle)  up to an oyster bar. 

    What is a Piece of Eight?

    Sometimes called “America’s First Silver Dollar” because they were in daily use, and were legal tender in the United States, until 1857... right before the U.S. Civil War. Pieces of 8 - both the large 8 Reales, and the smaller denominations of 4, 2, 1, and 1/2 - were minted by the mighty Spanish empire from New World silver – and traded (and pirated) the world over. These silver coins are the famous coins of pirate legend and lore!

    Perhaps you wonder, like we do, who stashed or lost these valuable coins… and why did they never return to retrieve them? What amazing stories could these coins tell if they could only speak?

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    Your Piece of 8 Comes Complete with:

    1. Our 100% Authentic Lifetime Guarantee
    2. A Detailed, Multi-Page Certificate of Authenticity Researched and Written by Robert Lewis Knecht 
    3. 10 Page Historic Brief about the Potosi Mint by Robert
    4. Mini Museum Display for when you are not wearing your treasure
    5. A Treasure Jewelry Care Card