Sand Dollar Fossil Adjustable Ring in Sterling Silver by Charles Albert | Artifact #3152

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Genuine Ammonite Fossil in Gleaming Sterling Silver

Please Note: This is an authentic fossil, and you will receive the exact piece of jewelry in the photographs and description.

After years of selling designer Charles Albert's stunning fossil jewelry, we are just too busy with the historic treasures to continue this line - so it's you're chance to get a one-of-a-kind piece of history at special savings!

A Sand Dollar is the endoskeleton of an animal, specifically and Echinoderm – the group of animals made up of starfish, sea cucumbers, crinoids and sea urchins.  It is this endoskeleton that you see washed up on the beaches here on the Oregon coast.  Biologists call this rigid skeleton a “test.”

Your Sand Dollar Fossil Ring

  • Fossil: Genuine Sand Dollar
  • Setting Metal: Sterling Silver 
  • Designer: Charles Albert
  • Size: This is a statement ring - is is not petite! It easily adjusts from size 5 to size 11. The Sand Dollar is 1" Across and 1/2" Tall

Like its very close relative the sea urchin, Sand Dollars have a set of five pores arranged in a petal-like pattern.  The Sand Dollar uses the pores to move sea water into their internal water-vascular system, allowing them to move.  The small, round hole on the underside of the Sand Dollar is its mouth.  Sand Dollars live partially buried in the sand at an angle in calm water.  If the water is rough, the Sand Dollar lies flat.  They eat tiny particles and organisms that float through sea water.

What is a Fossil?

A fossil is the prehistoric remains of a plant or animal. Most fossils are created when a plant or animal is buried under layer after layer of sand and mud. Under the massive pressure of hundreds of thousands of years these layers become sedimentary rock. Minerals from the rock seep into the plant or animal, replacing them with a perfect replica in stone.

Fossils come in all shapes and sizes – they are as varied as the plants or animals they once were. The largest are dinosaur bones (which may be ten or more feet in length for a single bone) and the smallest are plant spores only a few hundredths of an inch across.

Fossils are found all over the world. As the wind and rain erode hillsides, fossils become visible, and scientists can find and study them. Removal of fossils from the rock is done very carefully to preserve the beauty and detail of the specimen.

Your Fossil Jewelry Comes Complete with:

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