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    Rare Dated 1628 Shipwreck 22K Gold 2 Escudo - the Legendary Doubloon - 18K Gold Pendant | Artifact #5466

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    Pendant Necklace and Ring Size Guide
    Size Guide for Ladies & Gentlemen
    Pendant Necklace and Ring Size Guide

    This Spanish Shipwreck gold Escudo, or Doubloon, was recovered from Cadiz Bay...

    Please Note: This is an authentic Cadiz Bay Shipwreck Treasure Coin, and you will receive the exact pendant in the photographs and description.

    No other coin is quite so legendary - or quite so regal - as the glittering 22K gold doubloon.  Desired above all other currency by kings, princesses, pirates, privateers and adventurers for centuries, this stunning example of the coin-minters art is the unquestioned treasure coin to end all treasure coins!

    Gold “doubloons” and silver “Pieces of 8” have been washing up on the shores of the Bay of Cadiz for hundreds of years! This precious treasure coin was among them!

    Your Cadiz Bay Gold Doubloon Pendant

    • Date minted: 1628
    • Denomination: 2 Escudo "Doubloon"
    • Coin weight: 5.9 grams 
    • Mint: "S" Seville, Spain
    • Rulers: Philip IIII (1621-1665)
    • Assayer: "R" Geronimo Rodrigues
    • Reverse (Back): The Jerusalem Cross
    • Obverse: (Front): The Royal Shield PHILPVS IIII
    • Coin Metal: 22K Gold
    • Bezel Metal: 18K Gold - Luxury-Gauge 1.5MM wide bezel
    • Articulating Nautical Shackle Bail with a 5.8mm inside diameter large enough to fit a high quality gold chain
    • Metal Smith: Robert Lewis Knecht
    • Size: 7/8" Across, 1 3/8" Tall (Pendant width diameter of a US Quarter)

      Note from Robert: Very interesting and one-of-a-kind specimen. Besides this being a stunningly beautiful coin, with a full cross and shield, and in red circles visible mint mark "S", assayer's initials "R" and "II" denomination on shield side, this also has a partially visible three digits "628" of the date on the cross side (you can see the bottom part of the numbers, especially in hand). Most of the time, the dates on the outer edges of this type of coin aren't visible. 

      This coin is so stunning that I created a luxury weight 18K gold bezel for it, that gives it a regal look and feel. I like to use 18K as most of the coins and jewelry from this time period were 22K to 24K (pure) gold.  

      The other interesting historic fact is that 2 escudos are supposed to be 6.7 grams. This piece is just a bit lighter, 8/10ths/G at 5.9 grams. Just like today, gold had such a high value back then that one didn't want to "over pay" for something, so someone probably snipped a little bit off to "make change." Or, a nefarious person could also have snipped off a tiny bit to keep for themselves. Either way, they did a good job at is as it isn't obvious which side it was removed from. It was also on a ship in Cadiz Bay, so it was a part of a much larger group of gold coins.

      I will include an additional Historic Brief about the practice of "coin clipping" along with this coin.

      Shield design elements indicates the King’s realm: Castile and Leon; Jerusalem and Navarre; Aragon and Sicily, Granada. 

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      We can never know the individual stories of the gold escudos discovered on the shores of Cadiz Bay, but when we consider the dates the coins were minted, we certainly can extrapolate a few things.  The gold from which the escudos are minted is more than likely from New World mines, and was transported as bullion bars, since the first gold coins were not minted in Mexico City until 1622, when Atocha made her fateful journey. 

      For nearly 300 years Cadiz Bay was a major port for Spanish treasure galleons departing and returning from the New World - hundreds sank in the bay over these centuries. In 1587 the British privateer Sir Frances Drake sailed into the Bay of Cadiz and attacked the Spanish Armada that was preparing to attack England. The coins in our Cadiz Bay collection that date prior to Drake's attack may be from some of those galleons! Storms and other battles sank later galleons.

      Your Gold Doubloon Pendant Comes Complete with:

      1. Our 100% Authentic Lifetime Guarantee
      2. A Detailed, Full Color, 3-Page Photo Certificate of Authenticity (with your exact coin) Researched and Written by Robert Lewis Knecht
      3. "Pieces of Eight" Historic Brief
      4. The Coins of the Lost Galleons Book
      5. Treasure Hunters Gazette Booklet
      6. A Gift Box
      7. A Treasure Jewelry Care Card 

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