Medieval Byzantine Cross Necklace circa 800 AD | Artifact #5129

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Byzantine "Five Wounds of Christ" Cross Necklace

Please Note: This is an authentic ancient Byzantine Cross, and you will receive the exact Cross in the photographs and description.

This Byzantine Cross was created by artisans 700 - 900 years ago. Crafted of bronze, it is a testament to the faith of a believer... and an entire nation.

NOTE: We have added the bronze loops you see at the top of the Cross so you are able to wear it with chains or leather up to 6mm in width. We are happy to remove the loops if you request. Please see the description below for the size of the original bail hole. This Byzantine Cross comes complete with either a double rope chain or 3mm center-hide leather cord. Please make your choice of chain or leather and length with the drop-down menu.

The Byzantine Empire was one empire with one religion. Daily life in the Byzantine Empire centered on faith - religious belief and practice had a preeminent place in art, politics, education, currency and the jewelry that was worn by both rich and poor. 

Images of Christ and Christ’s Cross were revered, and by the time of the Crusades, crosses bearing the punctured-dot pattern representing the five wounds of Christ were worn by Crusaders, pilgrims, civic leaders and humble townsfolk to express their faith in the divinity of Christ.

The Medieval Byzantine Cross Pendant

  • Empire: Byzantine
  • Date: circa 800 AD
  • Metal: Bronze
  • Size: 3/4" Across, 1 1/4" Tall - Prefect pendant size for a lady or gentleman
  • Bail: This Cross has an intact original flat bail with a 4 mm opening. Originally it would have been attached to a loop for wearing. We have added bronze loops to the cross very similar to what the original would have been, which accommodate up to a 6mm chain or leather cord. These loops can be removed at your request.

Roberts Notes: This is a stunning cross in hand. When we "adopted" it, it had several layers of encrustation on it. I gently restored it to its original condition. When you hold it you can feel and see the gentle wear it got from being worn by a believer for many years. 

 Your Byzantine Cross Necklace Comes Complete with:

  1. A detailed, three-Page, full color, Certificate of Authenticity that includes the History and Meaning of the Byzantine Cross, customized with the picture of your Cross researched and written by April Knecht
  2. The Treasure Hunters Gazette
  3. A leather cord or chain of your choice.
  4. A Velvet Box
  5. A Treasure Jewelry Care Card