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    Knights Templar Era Cilician Armenia Crusader Coin of Faith, Courage & Honor circa 1250 AD Sterling Silver Pendant | Artifact #9672

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    Size Guide for Ladies & Gentlemen
    Pendant Necklace and Ring Size Guide
    Size Guide for Ladies & Gentlemen
    Pendant Necklace and Ring Size Guide

    Gleaming Copper, and Bearing the Cross of Christ, the Royal Coins of Cilician Armenia are a Testament to the Faith, Honor and Courage of a Nation... Now in an Heirloom Pendant

    Please Note: This is an authentic Armenian Crusade-Era Treasure Coin, and you will receive the exact pendant in the photographs and description.


    Step back in time… almost 1,000 years ago...

    From the ashes of the once-great Roman Empire, the Kingdom of Armenia had emerged from 1,000 years of war to stand, proud and free, on the land of their ancestors: vast tracks of the Levant region – including most of modern Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Cyprus, southern Turkey, northwestern Iraq and the Sinai Peninsula. Much of the Pilgrim Trail, and the very land European Crusaders, including the Knights Templar, would need to pass through to reach the Holy Land.

    Devout Christians, the Cilician Armenians welcomed their Christian brothers, and offered them not only stores and weapons, but their most precious resource… proud sons and military leaders who were legendarty for their bravery, strength and loyalty. This precious, hand-hammered copper coin is a reminder of a time long past, when faith, honor and courage united to change world history.

    Your Cilician Armenia Crusade Coin

    • Date: circa 1170-1290 AD
    • Obverse (Front): The Cross of Christ
    • Reverse (Back): Armenian King
    • Coin Metal: Copper
    • Bezel Metal: 14K Gold and Proprietary Non-Tarnishing Sterling Silver
    • Articulating Bail Interior Diameter: Will accommodate chain or leather necklace up to 6.2 mm
    • Pendant size including bezel: 3/4” Across, 1 1/8” Tall - the width of a nickel

    Robert's Notes: Beautiful cross and copper toning. 

    What kind of coins did the Templar Knights use? 

    We are always asked this question... and it's a good one! This Armenian Crusader era coin is one of them. The Knights Templar were created to protect Christian pilgrims traveling back and forth from Europe to Jerusalem. The Pilgrim Trail passed right through Cilician Armenia, and the Templar Knights fought alongside their Armenian brothers. This type of coin most certainly would have been in their pouches. An amazing survivor of the Pilgrim Trails of the Holy Land.

     “Among the good deeds which the Armenian people have done towards the church and the Christian world, it should especially be stressed that, in those times when the Christian princes and the warriors went to retake the Holy Land, no people or nation, with the same enthusiasm, joy and faith came to their aid as the Armenians did, who supplied the Crusaders with horses, provision and guidance. The Armenians assisted these warriors with their utter courage and loyalty during the Holy wars.” Pope Gregory XIII

    The coins of the Cilician Armenian Crusader state are stunning. Now conserved, they are a rich toned copper with the Crusader’s Cross declaring to the world their Christian alliance. Medieval script adorns the edges, evoking the names of the Armenian kings of antiquity.

    But beyond these copper coins, Cilician Armenia speaks to our modern world in many ways. The influence of western Crusader nobles was so potent that Armenia became a center of European culture and influence in the middle east. Titles, jousts and tournaments became popular, and French Christian names became common. This western influence created trade and cultural exchanges that survive to today.

    But what Armenia gave the West is even more interesting to us, and it may be to you; your classic “fairy-tale” type castles. Returning Crusaders brought to Europe centuries of Eastern architectural traditions learned at the feet of Armenian masons and builders. Featuring curved walls and round towers perched on dizzying heights, if you love a wonderfully romantic, round-towered French or German castle, you have Cilician Armenia to thank for it. And those turreted, fortified castles significantly changed European warfare, impacting the creation and leadership of modern European states, and the formation of what we call the "Modern West".

    Your Crusader Coin Pendant comes with:

    1. Our 100% Authentic Lifetime Guarantee
    2. A Detailed, Four Page, Customized, Full Color Photo Certificate of Authenticity Researched and Written by April Knecht
    3. Treasure Hunters Gazette Booklet
    4. Mini Museum Display for when you are not wearing your treasure
    5. A Treasure Jewelry Care Card