Elizabeth I 1579 Silver Three Pence Necklace in Sterling Silver | Artifact #3935

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One of the most legendary monarchs the world has ever seen...

Please Note: This is an authentic Elizabeth I Silver Treasure Coin, and you will receive the exact pendant in the photographs and description.

Elizabeth I, the legendary daughter of Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn, succeeded to the throne following the death of her half sister, Mary. From her first days on the throne, Elizabeth combined her scholar’s mind and a deft instinct for politics to rule and grow her powerful kingdom. Her reign has been described as “the most colorful and splendid in English history.” Under her leadership the British Empire was founded, the power of Spain challenged on the seas and was finally broken by the defeat of the Armada, the Renaissance and the work of Shakespeare flowered, and the transition from the medieval twilight to a more progressive, modern age began.

And, for Elizabeth fans everywhere, she lives on in the shinning silver coins of her reign.  While, by law, her portrait was required to be on the highest surface of the coin, so few survive with an intact portrait.

Your Elizabeth I Silver Coin

  • Date: 1579
  • Denomination: Three Pence
  • Mint: Tower, London
  • Mint Mark: Greek Cross
  • Latin Legend: POSUI DEUM ADIVITOREM MEUM: "I have made God my helper"
  • Coin Metal: Sterling Silver 
  • Bezel Metal: Proprietary Non-tarnishing Sterling Silver
  • Metal Smith: Robert Lewis Knecht
  • Articulating Bail Interior Diameter: Will accommodate chain or leather necklace up to 5.5 mm
  • Size: 7/8" Across, 1 1/4" Tall -  just a bit wider than a US nickel. 

The Obverse of the Elizabethan penny bears the bust of the queen, with a Tudor Rose behind her head. The Reverse is quartered by the Long Cross which sits over the Royal Shield with Arms displaying the Passant Lions and Fleurs-de-lis. 

Robert's Notes: This coin has a nice shield and clear date, and partial portrait of Elizabeth. This size of coin was heavily used for daily small transactions in London's market place.  Shakespeare was 15 years old when this coin was struck!

Due to "clipping," master of the Royal Mint, Sir. Issac Newton, ordered hand-hammered coins like this one to be recalled, melted, and re-minted using a new screw press that put edges on the coins, similar to the edges on the coins in your pocket. Had this coin not been lost before 1696, we would not be able to enjoy it now.

This coin is part of our friend Mike's collection. He has been metal detecting in England for over 25 years. He sold us these, so his wife would let him buy the latest metal detector. 

Your Elizabethan Treasure Coin Pendant Comes Complete with:

  1. Our 100% Authentic Lifetime Guarantee
  2. A Detailed Certificate of Authenticity Researched and Written by Robert Lewis Knecht
  3. Britain's First Coins Historic Brief
  4. The Creation of the Medieval Long Cross Pennies Historic Brief
  5. Coin Clipping, High Treason, a Tax on Windows and a Man Named Newton Historic Brief
  6. A Gift Box
  7. A Treasure Jewelry Care Card