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Customized Sea Glass Lockets - Design Your Own!

Choose your favorite locket shape, size and Sea Glass color for the perfect beach girl accessory!

Sometimes the prettiest pieces of Sea Glass are the tiny ones!”  Officially called “Sea Glass Tinies” these smallest of genuine Sea Glass shards are lovingly collected, one-at-a-time from the rocky beaches of Nova Scotia and Hawaii.  If it sounds like a lot of work, rest assured, it is.  But when you hold the reward in the palm of your hand, the glow of these beach-combed beauties makes all the hard work well worth it!

When I discovered these sturdy stainless steel lockets I knew I had found the perfect way to showcase the tiniest of our frosty sea gems.  I fill each Sea Glass locket with natural, unaltered Sea Glass.  These lockets are the good ones – finely crafted of top-quality stainless steel, they don’t tarnish or discolor, and they are hypoallergenic!

Best of all, you get to create the Sea Glass locket you wish!  Just choose:

  1. The Sea Glass color you desire – or go for a blend of all the colors of the sea.
  2. Which locket shape and size suits you best - the small heart and circle are 20mm (slightly smaller than a U.S. Quarter), the large heart and circle are 32mm (slightly smaller than a U.S. Fifty Cent piece).

While the Sea Glass lockets in the picture are a representation of what your locket will look like, all the Sea Glass lockets are custom created to order using top quality Sea Glass in the same color or colors you see here.

Our Sea Glass fans have told us that these lockets aren’t just for wearing!  They pop up in the darndest places when they post pics to our Facebook page…

  • Dangling from rear view mirrors
  • Hanging from ceiling fans as fan pulls
  • Placed in windows as sun-catchers
  • Draped on mirrors
  • And even as zipper-pulls!

What comes with my genuine Sea Glass locket?

  1. A detailed, multi-page Certificate of Authenticity that tells you all about genuine, beach found Sea Glass
  2. An embroidered, satin gift pouch
  3. A Sea Glass jewelry care card

We only use top-quality materials for our Sea Glass jewelry:

  • Real, hand-picked Sea Glass
  • Solid Stainless Steel Lockets with Tempered Safety Glass
  • Stainless Steel chains

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