Celtic Druid Triskele Fine Silver Wax Seal Necklace | Seal Date & Origin: 300 BC, Northern Ireland #S3353

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While widely associated with the Celts, the Triskele predates the birth of the Celtic culture and helped to shape its foundations...

The Triskele, or Triskelion, depicts a triple spiral around a central core. Ancient in origin, it first appeared in Ireland about 3,200 BC - it is carved into the neolithic Newgrange passage tomb in County Meath, Ireland. To the ancient Celts, and their Druid priests and priestesses, this symbol may have been a representation of the triple Kingdoms of Earth, Sea and Sky.

And as Christianity came to the Irish Celts, the Triskele took on a new meaning - and a central role in the legendary illuminated manuscripts of Ireland - including the Book of Kells.With its three spirals, the Triskele became the symbol of the Trinity: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It continues to be an enduring symbol of faith for Christians of Celtic origin throughout the world.

Your Triskele Seal:

  • Metal: .999 Fine Silver
  • Sealing Device Date: Circa 300 BC
  • Sealing Device Origin: Northern Ireland
  • Special Note: This seal necklace is hand-made with a rare bronze seal ring discovered by metal detector in Northern Ireland 30+ years ago. Heavy and rather large for the period, the ring would have been made for a man - it has wonderful crosshatching on the shank!
  • Jewelry Artist: April Knecht
  • Size: 1/2” Across, 1/2” Tall, 20" Antiqued Stainless Steel Chain included

Please Note: I create each piece of Sealed in Time jewelry one-at-a-time by hand. Slight variances are natural, and are part of the joy of a hand-crafted piece of jewelry! Your Triskele seal will be created with the actual 300 BC bronze ring discovered in Ireland!

Your Sealed in Time Pendant comes with:

  1. A 20" Antiqued Stainless Steel Chain
  2. A Detailed, Multi-Page Historic Brief: Seals Have Bound Our Promises Across Time Researched and Written by April Knecht
  3. A story card detailing the message of your Sealed in Time piece
  4. An Embroidered Satin Gift Pouch
  5. A Treasure Jewelry Care Card