Ancient Greece Athena and the Owl 300 BC Silver Drachm Necklace in 18K Gold | Artifact #3422

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Athena and the Owl - Legendary Symbols of Ancient Greek Power and Majesty

Please Note: This is an authentic Ancient Greek Treasure Coin, and you will receive the exact pendant in the photographs and description.

The Greek colonies spread far beyond what we now consider to be Greece in the modern day. Grecian colonies spread to Italy, the Mediterranean islands, Syria, Egypt and the Middle East. One of the more successful of the Greek colonies was one founded by refugees from Sparta on the southern end of the Italian peninsula in about 700 B.C. Named Tarentum, it flourished for nearly 500 years before it was destroyed by the Romans c. 207 B.C.

It is from this legendary colony that this Athena and the Owl coin comes from.

Your Ancient Greek Drachm

  • Denomination: Silver Drachm
  • Date: 302 - 281 BC
  • Obverse (Front): Head of Athena Wearing a Crested Attic Helmet With Scylla (a legendary sea monster) Hurling a Rock
  • Reverse (Back): The Owl, Standing on a Thunderbolt with Wings Open
  • Bezel Metal: 18K Gold
  • Articulating Nautical Shackle Bail Interior Diameter: Will accommodate chain or leather necklace up to 5.8 mm
  • Pendant Size: 3/4” Across, 1 1/4” Tall (About the size of a U.S. nickel, including the frame (bezel).)

Robert's Notes:  Athena is one of the most famous of the Greek goddesses, and her coins some of the most stunning, although many choose to wear this pendant "owl side out." Fortunately, it was minted in what we call "Medallion" style, meaning the both images tops are at the same orientation - you can wear it with either side out!

Who exactly is Athena, and why do her coins so often bear an owl?

To understand the legendary pairing of Athena and the owl, you first have to remember that in Greek Mythology, the powerful and graceful Athena was the goddess of Wisdom. In the tales of her exploits, her trusted companion was a tiny owl. Because of this partnership, the owl became known as the "owl of Athena" and they symbolic embodiment of wisdom and knowledge... a tradition that continues today throughout the Western world.

Your Ancient Greek Coin Pendant comes with:

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