Ancient Egyptian Anubis Wax Seal Pendant #8900 | Seal Date & Origin: 1500 BC, Egypt

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This image comes from a legendary Ancient Egyptian scarab

Please Note: This is a hand-crafted wax seal pendant made with the sealing device described. Each piece is unique, and you will receive the exact wax seal pendant in the photographs and description.

I love working with scarabs... the beetle-shaped sealing devices of ancient Egypt. The designs are fascinating - each created with symbols of great significance. The scarab used to make this pendant is 3,500 years old and pictures Anubis.

Anubis was the Egyptian god of the dead. It was Anubis who would usher the soul into the afterlife and conduct with ceremony in which the soul of the newly dead would be measured against the Feather of Truth. If the soul was found worthy, Anubis would escort the soul into the afterlife. For thousands of years, Anubis has symbolized the importance of the state of the heart.

Your Ancient Egyptian Anubis Seal:

  • Metal: .999 Fine Silver
  • Sealing Device Date: 1,500 BC
  • Sealing Device Origin: Egypt
  • Special Note: The scarab used to make this wax seal pendant is made of Faience. Faience is the classic blue-green material developed by the Ancients by mixing quartz and silica. The scarab seal works as perfectly now as it did as a seal ring used in Ancient Egypt 3,500 years ago. It is awe-inspiring to use it... and even to just see it sitting there on by work bench when I take it out of the vault.
  • Jewelry Artist: April Knecht
  • Size: 1/2” Across, 3/4” Tall, 20" Antiqued Stainless Steel Chain included

Please Note: I create each piece of Sealed in Time jewelry one-at-a-time by hand. Slight variances are natural, and are part of the joy of a hand-crafted piece of jewelry! Your "Ancient Egyptian Anubis" seal was created with the actual 1,500 BC Faience scarab!

Your Sealed in Time Pendant comes with:

  1. A 20" Antiqued Stainless Steel Chain
  2. A Detailed, Multi-Page Historic Brief: Seals Have Bound Our Promises Across Time Researched and Written by April Knecht
  3. A story card detailing the message and symbolism of your Sealed in Time piece
  4. An Linen Gift Pouch
  5. A Treasure Jewelry Care Card