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Admiral Gardner Shipwreck 10 (x) Cash British East India Company Coin Grade 3

Shipwreck Admiral Gardner 10 (X) Cash Coin in Sterling Silver Pendant

These copper coins were minted in England, by the British East India Company, in 1808. They were meant to be used at their trading posts in India. Packed in wax, they were loaded on board the proud British East Indiaman, Admiral Gardner, to make the treacherous journey. But on January 24, 1809, she was caught in a storm in the English Channel and sank on Goodwin Sands, never to be seen again until 1985.

Your Admiral Gardner Treasure Coin

  • Date: 1808
  • Denomination: 10 Cash (X Cash)
  • Mint: Birmingham, England
  • Coin Metal: Copper
  • Grade 3: Good Detail on One Side
  • Obverse (Front): The crest of the East India Company with the motto, “AUSP: REGIS & SENAT: ANGLIA,” meaning “Under the Auspices of the King and Senate of England.”
  • Reverse: (Back): The Persian inscription of the reverse is the diplomatic language of Moghul, India and gives the value in local currency: “10 cash are 2 fulus.

Although the East India Companies were almost all-powerful – at their height commanding trading ports, a standing army, and the economy of their namesake country, they were powerless against one thing – Mother Nature. But the spoils to be won – the money to be made – through international trade more than offset the risks for generations of adventurous businessmen, naval commanders and privateers.

But on January 24, 1809, Admiral Gardner, having shortly before set sail, was to become a footnote in history. Her Master, Captain William Eastfield, takes up the narrative:

“We sailed out of the Downs on the 24th, with the Carnatic and the Britannia, the wind from the eastward. On getting a little to the westward of the South Foreland, the wind drew to the south-east, and about dusk fell calm: it being flood tide, let go the anchor in fourteen fathom water. At 7pm, while giving the ship cable, the wind sprung up from the west-north-west. The people were sent up to hand sails immediately, but the wind increasing violently, they could not effect it. The people continued on the yard until 10pm: the pilot then feeling the lead, called out the anchor was coming home; the people were consequently called off the yards to give the ship cable, and when I was below seeing a little more service clapped on, a little before eleven I heard the pilot exclaim “cut away the sheet, the ship’s on shore.”

Gone to the bottom were a King’s ransom in trade goods, and the shinning copper Cash Coins to be used in trading posts in India.

And if not for modern treasure salvors, the story would end there. But in 1985, the adventurous spirit of those East India Company ancestors emerged in a new generation of Englishmen who recovered the lost treasure of Admiral Gardner.

We’re proud to say our collection, including the coin you see here, was once a part of the salvage divemaster’s collection, and is a precious example of recovered shipwreck treasure, now destined for a very different future as it travels on with you.

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