We've Moved!

Cannon Beach Treasure Company has moved to the Florida Panhandle

It is with both anticipation and sadness that we want to share the news that Cannon Beach Treasure Company has moved to the Florida Panhandle...

After an amazing seven years in Cannon Beach, Robert and I have made the tough, but exciting decision to begin a new adventure in our lives by relocating to the sunny shores of Port St. Joe in the Florida Panhandle!

We could never have anticipated what Cannon Beach Treasure Company would grow to become! With your support, and the support of folks like you, we have been able to create a place where people can gather to hear the stories of our shared history, and meet the stunning treasures of our past!

But life is about seasons. We've been so blessed by this season of our lives, but it is now time for us to get back out in the field, hunting down the amazing treasures that make Cannon Beach Treasure Company what is it. And it's time for a re-focus on family. (Not to mention that Robert's old Fire Department injuries like the warmth of the tropics just a bit more than the bracing winds of the Northwest.)

But we're not closing!

We will have an all-new studio, and this website will continue to grow quickly to include all the treasures we've had in the store, and more of the additional 200+ collections we curate but you've never seen before!

We're only a phone call, Skype chat or Facetime conversation away. And, of course, if you are visiting the panhandle, be sure to give us a call... we would love to see you!

Thank you! There just aren't words to express how truly grateful we are to you for your support over the years.We look forward to bringing you astounding treasures for years to come!

April for Robert, April, Abi, Naomi & Cathy


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