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Our Flagship Cannon Beach, Oregon Shop

Discover amazing treasures from the Spanish Main and far, far beyond.

Historians and treasure salvors Robert Knecht and April Knecht present Cannon Beach Treasure Company

April and Robert Lewis Knecht of Cannon Beach Treasure CompanySunken and buried treasures - lost to the light of day for centuries...

Antiquities and artifacts that speak of distant times and places, lifetimes removed from our modern world...

Genuine pieces of history you can hold in your hand - hundreds and sometimes thousands of years old...

Where did they come from, who made them, how did they become lost for centuries, and who spent a lifetime discovering and recovering them?

Now, the lost treasures of pirates, privateers, pioneers, war lords, bandits, explorers, rebels, kings and princesses, and their fascinating stories, come to life for you at Cannon Beach Treasure Company.
For centuries owned only by pirates and the super-wealthy, you can view, touch and even own authentic treasures that are seldom displayed in public. As you browse our exhibits and showcases, you will experience hundreds of completely unique, one-of-a-kind works of art, hand-crafted by artisans long ago. And, best of all, you will hear their stories - for every treasure has an amazing story.

Be sure to bring your curiosity - we guarantee you'll see and experience the glittering gold and shining silver of the Spanish Main, treasures of the greatest empires the world has ever known, hoards secreted hundreds of years ago and lost to memory, antiquities that will astound you, and some treasures you've never seen before.

Honorary pirates, treasure hunters and history buffs of all ages are welcome to enjoy our exhibits, touch history, and perhaps even take home a genuine piece of the past that will be treasured for generations to come.

Here's a little taste of what goes on in the store every day...


We'd love to meet you! We're open 363 days a year (we give the crew Thanksgiving and Christmas off - aren't we swell?). Stop by and we'll swap stories! (And Robert may even let you run your fingers through treasure to satiate desire!)