Inside Our Studio

Here's a quick glimpse into our in-gallery working treasure jewelry studio!

Feel free to stop in during gallery hours to see what's in the works... or stay tuned to our Youtube Channel for the latest videos!


Transcript of the video: "Creating an heirloom piece of jewelry from a Spanish Piece of 8"

Hey there, Robert, here at Cannon Beach Treasure Company’s in gallery jewelry studio. I am going to give you a quick tour through how we make beautiful pieces of jewelry out of your treasure.

First, it starts out with just a piece of silver. Then, we take the coin and we figure out which size and piece of silver we want to use with it. Then, we form it around the coin so that in the end, it wraps around the coin just like this.

We want the coin to sit in there firmly so that it doesn’t move around the frame and the bezel should not damage the coin at all. After several hours of working with this, then we put the prongs on it and make it into a piece of jewelry.

This one is almost all the way finished. I’ve got a little bit more work to do - you can see on this side it has a nice polished edge and this side is not quite there yet so I am using my flexshaft to do that.

In the end, what we wind up with is a beautiful bezeled coin. This particular coin is off the 1715 fleet, has an emerald on it, 18 carat gold accents on there, and that’s what we do here at Cannon Beach Treasure Company.

Please feel free to visit us at to see all of these treasures we conserve. and we even recover some of them.

See you there. If you have any questions, give us a call. We are always here at our flagship store in Cannon Beach, Oregon.