JOIN THE WAIT LIST! Unbezeled Specimen Coins & Shipwreck and Buried Artifacts from the Ancient World through the U.S. Civil War

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COMING SOON! Specimen Coin and Shipwreck and Buried Artifacts

When we relocated to Florida from our Cannon Beach gallery, everyone of our rare and unique historic artifacts was gently packed away, including artifact collections that we never had the chance to display in Cannon Beach ... until now!

None of our guests ever saw these amazing artifacts! And they are perfect for display, with pages of historic information... the perfect conversation starters.

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We have coins and artifacts that range in value from $15 into the thousands... including:

  • Un-bezeled coins spanning 3,000 years
  • Admiral Gardner shipwreck coins still with encrustation on them
  • Civil War artifacts
  • Shipwreck rum bottle tops
  • Shipwreck bottles
  • Other shipwreck artifacts
  • Roman artifacts
  • Rare Celtic ring money pieces

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