Admiral Gardner Shipwreck Coin Sterling Silver Necklace | Grade 1

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The Legendary Shipwreck Admiral Gardner Grade 1 10 Cash Coin in Custom Sterling Silver Necklace

These glowing copper coins were minted by the powerful British East India Company in late 1808... and began their journey to become one of the most famous shipwrecks history on January 24, 1809. These Grade 1 coins are one grade below the Grade 1 Gem Quality, and some of the highest quality coins to be recovered from this shipwreck - they show very little sea wear. And they make perfect gift for anyone who loves history, pirates, treasure or the British Empire... and let's face it, who isn't fascinated by shipwreck treasure?

Your Admiral Gardner Shipwreck Coin

  • GRADE: Grade 1
  • Date: 1808
  • Denomination: 10 Cash (X Cash)
  • Mint: Birmingham, England
  • Coin Metal: Copper
  • Bezel Metal: Thick 2mm bezel, Proprietary Non-Tarnishing Sterling Silver
  • Size: 1 1/8" Across, 1 1/2" Tall
  • Obverse (Front): The crest of the East India Company with the motto, “AUSP: REGIS & SENAT: ANGLIA,” meaning “Under the Auspices of the King and Senate of England.”
  • Reverse: (Back): The Persian inscription of the reverse is the diplomatic language of Moghul, India and gives the value in local currency: “10 cash are 2 fulus."

Robert's Notes: We’re proud to say our Admiral Gardner coins are from the salvage dive-master’s personal collection and are exclusive to Cannon Beach Treasure Company. They are a beautiful example of recovered shipwreck treasure, now destined for a very different future as it travels on with you.

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Your Admiral Gardner Shipwreck Coin Necklace Comes Complete with:

  1. Our 100% Authentic Lifetime Guarantee
  2. A Detailed, Customized, Multi-Page Photo Certificate of Authenticity Researched and Written by Robert Lewis Knecht
  3. Historic Brief: Britain's First Coins
  4. Historic Brief: "Pieces of Eight"
  5. A Gift Pouch
  6. A Treasure Jewelry Care Card