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Sea Glass Rings

Welcome to Sea Glass Central, here at Cannon Beach Treasure Company!

We love all Sea Glass jewelry, but Sea Glass rings are really fun! Now, the advantage, of course, of sea glass rings versus your sea glass pendants and earrings is you actually get to enjoy them when you're wearing them. It's sea glass you can see! But not very many pieces of sea glass make an ideal ring. You don't want them to be too tall, and you want them to have a nice, showy surface. And, of course, you also want them to be as absolutely perfect as possible.

We have them in sizes seven, eight, nine and 10. We're also going to be premiering sizes from five to 11 here on the next couple of months with new band designs and all kinds of fun things.

If there is a color or size you don't see (and absolutely need!) just give us a call at 503.436.1626, or email us at! Sea glass is tough enough that it will last a lifetime. You can enjoy it everyday.