Sao Jose 2 Reale circa 1610 Shipwreck Piece of Eight Coin 18K Gold Necklace | Artifact #3114

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Sao Jose... the Portuguese Shipwreck Loaded with Shinning Silver Spanish Treasure

Please Note: This is an authentic Sao Jose Shipwreck Treasure Coin, and you will receive the exact pendant in the photographs and description.

In early spring of 1622, the towering Portuguese Carrack Sao Jose hastily left the port of Lisbon bound for Goa, India, loaded with treasure – both silver and V.I.P.s … she would meet her fate on a reef off the Mozambique coast just a few months later. And her story remains one of the most fascinating of all shipwrecks to this day.

Then, along an isolated stretch of East African coast, she was rediscovered by a Portuguese marine archaeology group in May of 2005. The astounding discovery brought 24,000 silver reales from the watery depth of "Davy Jones Locker" to light – shinning testaments to once great empires and the storied Spice Trade of the East.

Your Sao Jose Shipwreck Treasure Coin

  • Date: Circa 1610
  • Denomination: 2 Reale
  • Mint: Mexico City
  • Ruler: King Philip III of Spain
  • Coin Metal: Silver
  • Bezel Metal: 18K Gold
  • Articulating Nautical Shackle Bail Interior Diameter: Will accommodate chain or leather necklace up to 5.8mm
  • Total Pendant Size: 1" Across, 1 1/2" Tall (Perfect pendant size - Just a bit larger than a U.S. quarter)
  • Obverse (Front): The Crusader’s Cross 
  • Reverse: (Back): The shield of King Philip III of Spain

Robert's Notes: Stunning cross. One of the most beautiful condition coins I have seen from this shipwreck. Rarer mint from this shipwreck, and highly desirable well centered cross and mint mark.

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Your Sao Jose Shipwreck Piece of Eight Pendant Comes Complete with:

  1. Our 100% Authentic Lifetime Guarantee
  2. A Detailed, Eight-Page, Full Color Photo Certificate of Authenticity Researched and Written by April Knecht and Robert Lewis Knecht
  3. "Pieces of Eight" Historic Brief
  4. The Coins of the Lost Galleons Book
  5. Treasure Hunters Gazette Booklet
  6. A Gift Box