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Rare Sea Glass Jewelry

There is a dance among Sea Glass collectors…

Red and Aqua Sea GlassTo the uninitiated it may seem silly, but when you find that rarest of the rare – the elusive red Sea Glass shard, the legendary turquoise, or the ultimate: the Sea Glass multi – there really is this little victory dance you do.

Mostly, it’s just the sheer joy and exhilaration every treasure hunter feels when all those hours of searching – in what inevitably is the rain and wind, or blazing sun, or the earliest of mornings – finally pays off. And, perhaps, there’s just a little bit of ego involved. It seems the dance gets more elaborate (and lasts a few seconds longer) if there’s another hunter a few hundred yards down the beach.

At any rate – welcome to the wonderful world of rare color Sea Glass. Each of these tiny gems has been celebrated at least twice already – once during their original discovery, and once again as I’ve crafted them into handmade pieces of art jewelry.

So, take a look… and celebrate along with us!



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