Refugio Bay Pirate Cache Spanish Copper Maravedi 1505-1659 AD

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Spanish Treasure Buried on the California Coast?  Yes!

Your Spanish Pirate Treasure Coin:

  • Denomination: Maravedi
  • Date: 1505-1659
  • Coin Metal: Copper
  • Obverse (Front): Castle
  • Reverse: (Back): Lion
  • Note: This coins were recalled, re-weighed and countermarked throughout the centuries of their use. These countermarks are fascinating - with numbers to denote current denomination, dates and symbols like crowns - they give us a glimpse into the story of each individual maravedi.

This Spanish copper maravedi was recovered from a cache along the California coast. In November of 1818 an obscure event almost lost to history happened along the California coast… it was attacked by pirates!  The French pirate Hippolyte de Bouchard plundered the Ortega Rancho and the mission just north of Santa Barbara near Refugio Bay.  He sought the Spanish gold and silver he believed to be held by the Franciscan priests.  However, the Spanish were warned of his approach, and may have buried this treasure to deprive him of the treasure he sought!