Queen Shipreck Flint British East India Company 1800

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Musket Flint from the British East India Company Shipwreck of Queen 1800

This flint was recovered from the remains of the British East Indiaman Queen. Judging from the artifacts (tin and copper bars, ceramics, trade goods of all kinds, and war materials) recovered from her remains, she was bringing highly desirable cargo to Brazil.

Ironically, she didn’t sink due to war or storm or bad navigation, but rather it was said from a candle in a cabin. However, a letter dated 17 July, 1800, states otherwise.

On July 9, 1800 at 3 a.m., she caught fire in the Bay of All Saints at St. Salvador, Brazil. The crew tried to save the ship, but the fire spread so fast Queen became a major threat to the ships moored near her and fortunately “the current carried her clear of the Bay, and she drove a considerable distance before she blew up.”