Sunken & Buried Treasures Collection I

Size Guide

Six Renown Sunken and Buried Treasures - Split them up for Gifts with History, or Delight Your History-Lover with an Instant Collection!

This Collection Includes One of Each of the Following:

  1. Dutch East India Company Copper Duit Trade Coin Grade 4 1740-1830 AD
  2. Ancient Roman Bronze Constantinian Dynasty Coin Circa 337 AD
  3. Biblical Bronze Widow's Mite 2-Pack circa 78 BC
  4. Shipwreck British East India Company 10 Cash Coin from the Wreck of Admiral Gardner 1808 AD
  5. British East India Company Flint from the Wreck of Queen 1800 AD
  6. Refugio Bay Pirate Cache Spanish Copper Maravedi 1505-1659 AD

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