Viking Solar Cross - Odin's Cross circa 900 AD Necklace in Sterling Silver

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Viking Solar Cross circa 900 AD - Discovery Site: Northeast England

Please Note: This item includes a black leather necklace in your choice of lengths!

The Solar Cross, also called Odin’s Cross or the Sun Cross by the Vikings, is believed to be the world’s oldest spiritual symbol. Life at the height of the Viking raiding era was governed by the seasons – and the sun was the symbol of the chief god of the Vikings, Odin, who was the supreme ruler of the heavens. 

The original artifact was discovered in England and is extremely rare. Thus we have created this sterling silver museum-grade recreation for those who wish to “Go a Viking,” just like the Vikings of old.

Of Special Note: Each of our Empires Collection Museum Recreations is made of Proprietary, Non-tarnishing Sterling Silver. Each one is hand-finished here in the studio - toned, hand-rubbed and polished for a lifetime of easy-care!

 Your Empires Collection Pendant Comes Complete with:

  1. A Detailed, Two Page Historic Brief Researched and Written by Robert Lewis Knecht
  2. A Black Leather Necklace with 2" Extender in the Length of Your Choice
  3. A Linen Gift Pouch
  4. A Treasure Jewelry Care Card