Pierced Potosi Bolivia Silver 8 Reale Spanish Portrait Dollar | Early 1800s

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“Pieces of Eight! Pieces of Eight!”

Please Note: This is an authentic Lost Treasures of the Andes Buried Treasure Coin. Each coin was "pierced" hundreds of years ago, at the time it was in use! (More on that below in "Robert's Notes.") Robert will pick the best of the collection for you!

No phrase in the English language can conjure more vivid dreams of chests overflowing with buried pirate treasures to satiate desire! And now, the most legendary coin ever minted comes out of our vaults…

We are proud to present our Lost Treasure of the Andes “Pieces of Eight” collection of Spanish portrait silver dollars – a Cannon Beach Treasure Company exclusive.

Discovered long ago, and safe-guarded in private collections, these big, beautiful silver coins have been in our vault for many years… until now. After being buried or cached for hundreds of years, they have been professionally conserved and curated by Robert, and are ready to became a fascinating part of your collection.

Your Treasure of the Andes Portrait Dollar

  • Date: Early 1800s
  • Denomination: 8 Reale Portrait (Bust) Dollar
  • Mint: Potosi, Upper Peru (present day Bolivia)
  • Coin Metal: .903 Silver
  • Weight: Approximately 27 grams
  • Diameter: Approximately 38mm
  • Obverse (Front): The Portrait of the King
  • Reverse: (Back): The Pillars of Hercules and the Arms of Leon & Castile

If you would like to wear your "Piece of Eight" please click here to see our complete line of pierced Cob, Pillar and Portrait Spanish Reales made into jewelry>>>

Robert's Note: Like us, these "pierced" coins have had a life! Some coins have holes pierced in them. This means that someone hundreds of years ago may have strung the coins on a cord to prevent losing them to pickpockets. In South America, the coins were often sewed into coca leaf bags, or Indian women sewed them into their clothing as a sign of status in the community. 

What is a Piece of Eight?

Sometimes called “America’s First Silver Dollar” because they were in daily use in the United States until right before the U.S. Civil War, Pieces of 8 were minted by the mighty Spanish empire from New World silver – and traded (and pirated) the world over. These silver coins are the famous coins of pirate lore!

Minted and hoarded in what is now Peru and Bolivia, the regal 8 reale portrait dollars in this collection have the impressive weight and size of vintage U.S. silver dollars… and there’s a reason. It is this coin that inspired our founding fathers to create our currency system – 8 reales are the great, great, great grandfathers of the coins in your pocket. (Except, of course, they were of great intrinsic value the world over.)

And don’t miss the detailed milling, or reeding on these coins; the pattern around the edge. This was the latest version of an anti-pirating device… it kept nefarious characters of all kinds from chiseling or clipping the coin. It’s the same reason those coins in your pocket have an edging… long, long ago (or it sure seems like long, long ago) there used to be silver in those coins!

Perhaps you wonder, like we do, who stashed these valuable coins… and why did they never return to retrieve them? What amazing stories could these coins tell if they could only speak?

Our detailed, multi-page Certificate of Authenticity was extensively researched and written by Robert and explores how these coins are a living historical record of Bolivia’s fight for independence.

Your Treasure of the Andes Piece of 8 Comes Complete with:

  1. Our 100% Authentic Lifetime Guarantee
  2. A Detailed, Multi-Page Certificate of Authenticity Researched and Written by Robert Lewis Knecht 
  3. "Pieces of Eight" Historic Brief
  4. Treasure Hunters Gazette Booklet
  5. An Archival Clear Air-Tite Capsule (We will place the conserved coin in the air-tite for you prior to shipping. You can remove it from the air-tite anytime you wish.)
  6. A Gift Pouch