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Classic Sea Glass Jewelry

Handcrafted by us… but designed by you!

Our Classic line of genuine Sea Glass jewelry was always a collaboration...

In our original, tiny Cannon Beach shop, my jewelry studio was in the middle of the store (As opposed to the back of the store in our expanded location – don’t worry, you can still visit me there!). So, everyone was an active participant in jewelry creation. (The color combinations two-year-olds suggest are very avant-garde, but I digress.)

So, I came up with the idea that we needed Sea Glass jewelry creations that our wonderful guests could design themselves… after all, you’re going to be wearing them!

So, it’s time to put on your artist beret, pour that glass of Merlot, and design the Sea Glass jewelry creation of your dreams. Now, don’t panic! Even if you think you’re about as creative as a dishwasher, don’t despair… we’ll make it easy, quick and fun.

Best of all, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind Sea Glass creation custom made just for you!


And, a note on the Merlot… perhaps just one glass, or you might choose one of those two-year-old color combinations, and if you’ve ever had a toddler you know how that could go…