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    Biblical Widow's Mite in a Sterling Silver Rope Holy Land Patina Collection Necklace | Artifact #4321

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    Pendant Necklace and Ring Size Guide
    Size Guide for Ladies & Gentlemen
    Pendant Necklace and Ring Size Guide

    “And he called unto him his disciples, and saith unto them, Verily I say unto you, That this poor widow hath cast more in, than all they which have cast into the treasury:”  Mark 12:43

    This precious Widow's Mite has survived over 2,000 years to speak to us today - set in an heirloom pendant...

    Please Note: This is an authentic Biblical Widow's Mite from the Holy Land, and you will receive the exact pendant in the photographs and description.

    Neither rich nor influential, we don’t even know the name of the Widow who appears in Jesus’ powerful teaching on giving and the state of the heart.  Although we will never know her name, her story echoes through time. For she gave everything she had - two of the humble bronze coins we now call "Mites" - a term coined centuries later to designate a coin of little value.

    The Holy Land Patina Collection:
    Our Widow's Mites come out of the soil of the Holy Land... and are stabilized and preserved by Robert in our Conservation Lab. Sometimes, he is able to preserve the dark green bronze patina that was created by minerals in the Holy Land soil through the passing centuries. This precious Biblical Widow's Mite is one of our Holy Land Patina Collection - complete with the durable patina it acquired after two millennia buried in Holy Land soil.

    Your Widow's Mite

    • Coin Date and Location of Minting: Circa 78 - 55 BC, Jerusalem Mint
    • Coin Metal: Ancient Bronze
    • Obverse (front): And 8-rayed star signifying heaven, with a diadem (the circle around the star) signifying royalty
    • Reverse (back): A Selucid anchor, a power symbol of the day, and the king's name in either ancient Hebrew or Greek: Alexander Jannaeus
    • Bezel Metal: Proprietary Non-Tarnishing Sterling Silver
    • Articulating Bail Interior Diameter: Will accommodate chain or leather necklace up to 6 mm
    • Size: 5/8" Across, 1" Tall - the diameter of a U.S. dime including the bezel (frame)

    Robert's Notes: Beautiful piece with nice, visible details. A great value considering it's over 2,000 years old, with our custom made sterling silver bezel.

    The tiny bronze Widow’s Mite coins were not Roman, but true Judean coins that were minted during the short period of Jewish history between the Old and New Testaments, when Israel was a self-governing nation. Called a Prutah, they were minted under the King and High Priest Alexander Jannaeus, the first of these coins were minted about 78 BC, and perhaps a few decades after, however they were in circulation at the time of Christ, and are remembered for the key part they played in Jesus’ teaching related to tithing and givingIt was this tiny coin that was actively traded in the markets that Jesus and the disciples passed, and would have been used by the common folk who flocked to listen to the parables of Jesus.

    These coins were of so little value, that striking them was done hastily, and, most of the time, much of the design didn't make it on the small coins. 

    On one side is the eight-rayed star, signifying heaven, and on the other, an anchor - a power symbol of the day.

    A symbol of faith, hope and selflessness, the humble Widow's Mite has become one of the most loved and valued coins of all time.

    Your Widow's Mite Necklace Comes Complete with:

    1. Our 100% Authentic Lifetime Guarantee
    2. A Detailed, Customized Multi-Page Photo Certificate of Authenticity Researched and Written by Robert Lewis Knecht
    3. Treasure Hunters Gazette Booklet
    4. A Mini Museum Display for when you are not wearing your treasure
    5. A Treasure Jewelry Care Card