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    The Treasure Hunters Gazette Blog

    Knights in shining armor... fair damsels... jousting tournaments and legendary feats of daring-do were all funded by something perhaps not quite as legendary, but ever-so-fascinating - the hand-hammered penny. Take a somewhat irreverent look at this world-changing currency.
    • 6 min read

    Ahoy Seafarers, Scurvy Bilge Rats... and, of course, Pirates! Here be the latest videos from the Captain's Cabin:  All about Pieces of Eight Part I, and Inside the Studio: Creating a Piece of Heirloom Jewelry from a Piece of 8!

    • 3 min read
    So, what’s the deal with shipwreck silver? Discovery, salvage and history combine to create treasures that come to life…
    • 8 min read