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    CBTC's Extraordinarily Historical Gift Guide 2020

    Fear Not, Weary Shopper – Cannon Beach Treasure Company is here with solutions to all your gift giving dilemmas with our Ultimate Treasure Gift Giving Guide – 2020 Edition.

    Confused? Flummoxed? Ready to just give up and resort to socks and underwear?

    STOP! (No one deserves socks and underwear for their special day… except maybe that really mean kid from A Christmas Story)

    Cannon Beach Treasure Company can smooth that furrowed brow, solve your toughest gift-giving problems, and restore peace and order to the universe. (OK, that may be pushing it, but giving someone the perfect gift does create a pocket of peace and order at a quantum level… we’ve done studies in our Conservation Lab to prove it… really!)

    And we guarantee you will never hear, “Oh… I already have that…”

    So – without further forays into theoretical physics – Read on as we give you the ultimate gift ideas for those wonderful people in your life… starting with, that ever-stress-inducing giftee class: Dads and Grandpas!

    For Dads and Grandpas:

    I know, just thinking about what to give the men in your life can make you crazy! However, we have dealt with this particular crisis for years… and, we have the solution! Dads and grandpas love gifts with meaning – and history! So, unless you’ve already opted for a tie with the Magna Carta printed on it, may we suggest the following:

    1715 Fleet Pieces of 8 Shipwreck 8 Reales1.  The World-Famous “Piece of Eight” – yep, it’s guaranteed better than socks for several hundred years running! (I mean really, did you ever hear of pirates raiding and pillaging for a nice pair of argyles or two?)

    Dutch East India Company Ship Shilling 6 Stuiver Coin Pendant2.  Coins from the great Age of Exploration – Now Dad or Papa can go sailing the seven seas with the British, Dutch or Portuguese!

    3.  Our Instant Treasure Collections – If dad loves to dive into the history (see what I did there), an Instant Treasure Collection may just be perfect… he will get a ship’s hold full of multi-page Certificates of Authenticity to pour over with his treasure!

    For Moms and Nanas:

    This year may find you mulling over what to get for that one of a kind mom or nana. Now you can skip the crazy sweater or penguin-shaped slippers… and get her a one-of-a-kind gift of history she can wear!

    Widow's Mite Earrings1.  A Biblical Mite Pendant from the time of Jesus’ birth and ministry.

    Celtic Ring Money Necklace on Leather2.  Celtic Ring Necklaces in sterling silver, or our leather collection with genuine gemstones.

    Be Thou Faithful Wax Seal Necklace3.  A Sealed in Time wax seal pendant in one of dozens of designs – you can choose the one that will have the most meaning for your mom or nana!

      For the Arm-Chair Treasure Hunter:

      Got someone to get a gift for that you can’t pry away from the treasure hunting shows on the telly? (Don’t worry, it’s a fairly common problem – no cure, but with rum it can be effectively managed.) Then check out this list, guaranteed to make their treasure-hunting dreams come true!

      Alexander the Great Drachm Treasure Coin Pendant1.  An ancient Greek hemidrachm, drachm or tetradrachm. Don’t worry if this is all Greek to you – all you need know is that these BC Greek coins were minted with images lions, Hercules, eagles and other powerful images… and are some of the earliest coins ever minted –Alexander the Great coins.

      2.  Spanish treasure coins of Mexico and Peru – the famed “Pieces of 8” long buried but now discovered, conserved and fully documented.

      Edward I Hand Hammered Silver Penny Pendant3.  Treasures of the British Isles – discovered by metal detector throughout the land of fabled history, each of these treasures is a find in its own right.

        Give our in-house treasure hunter Robert a call, he’d love to help you get your treasure fan just what they’re dreaming of this year. 503.436.1626

        For the Pirate (or Pirate Hunter) at Heart:

        Treasure of the Isla de Muerto ShipwreckLost Pirate Treasure… no words perk up ears more than these! The British pirate Bartholomew Sharp felt the same way when he heard tales of heavily laden Spanish treasure galleons over on the less defended “Pacific” side of South America. His attempts to pillage and plunder the Spanish treasure galleon Consolacion in 1681 off Isla de Muerto were to no avail though, and he never recovered this treasure he sought - the Spanish scuttled the ship before he could claim his gleaming prize. Fast forward over 300 years and modern treasure salvors recovered the precious cargo that slipped through pirate hands.

        Now, you can reclaim one of these lost treasures for the Treasure Hunter in your life – will you do it in the name of piracy and claim the victory Sharpe never won? Or will you do it in the name of the Spanish sailors who burned their ship to avoid being taken by the enemy? Whether you choose a Consolacion treasure… or one from the 1715 Fleet, whose salvage camp was famously attacked by pirate Pete Jennings… or one of our lost pirate treasures of Mexico or Peru, you will be a hero to your arm-chair treasure hunter!

        Consolacion Shipwreck Spanish Treasure Coin Necklace 1 Reale1.  Our Isla de Muerto Consolacion collection of rare shipwreck coins.

        2.  Legendary 1715 Fleet treasure – the Pieces of 8 the pirates didn’t get…

        3.  Gleaming silver treasures from the Golden Age of Piracy.

          The Honorary Gladiator… or Viking… or Samurai:

          Calling all Gladiator fans – come on, you know the type! If you’ve got an honorary ancient warrior on your list, go all out! After all, how amazing is the gift of a warrior coin he can wear every day (along with his sword and scabbard).

          1.  Ancient Roman Empire bronze and silver coins recently unearthed in Spain, Britain and France.

          Odin Viking's Cross2.  A Viking Solar Cross – the quintessential Viking seafaring symbol for anyone who is ready to “Go a-Viking” (the term “Viking” means a nautical adventure… to “go a-Viking” means to sally forth on a seafaring adventure – who knew?)

          3.  Crusader’s coins and crossesrecovered along the Pilgrims’ Trail to the Holy Land.

          Samurai Shogunate Coin Pendant4.  Samurai Coins featuring the beautiful artistry of Japan’s Edo Period.Japan’s legendary warriors lived by the Bushido Code – Justice, Courage, Mercy, Politeness, Honesty, Honor, Loyalty, and Character and Self Control. Your honorary samurai can keep the legacy alive with these stunning and unique gold and silver coins.

            We’re here every day except Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, so just give us a ring! 503.436.1626

            For the Shipwreck Fanatic:

            You know you have a shipwreck fanatic on your hands when you mention a hurricane, and the first thing they mention is Spanish Treasure! Well, to be fair, there’s nothing quite like the glittering treasure of yesteryear, recovered and gleaming in all its glory (stop us before we reach for a glass of rum and wax poetic)…

            Back to the holiday shopping rush… if you want to make their holiday, and, quite possibly their year, check out these gift-giving ideas:

            Arthur Clarke's Taj Mahal Shipwreck Treasure Coin Pendant1.  Just shop them all! Shipwreck treasure is so amazing, we've created a special collection that let's you shop them all in one go... after all, you can't go wrong with these silver, gold and copper treasures!

            2.  Copper British East India Company trade coins that sank on their way to India.

            Atocha Shipwreck Treasure Coin Pendant3.  The shipwreck treasure to end all shipwreck treasure – silver reales from Mel Fisher’s Nuestra de Atocha, the famed Spanish treasure galleon that sank off Key West, Florida in 1622.

              For Budding Historians and Treasure Hunters:

              Tired of brightly colored plastic toys littering your landscape? Perhaps a real treasure is in order! Choose from a range of treasure coins and artifacts from $17 – whether it’s Chinese Shipwreck coins, a millions-of-years-old fossil or genuine British and Dutch East India Company treasures – you can actually amaze them with the real thing! For those just acquiring a love of history, may we suggest:

              Chinese shipwreck treasure coin wrap bracelet1.  Chinese treasure coin wrap bracelets – featuring Tang dynasty shipwreck coins about 1,000 years old, these bracelets are loved by guys and girls alike and are completely adjustable.

              2.  Fossils… because something that was alive millions of years ago that has been transformed into a rock is just really, really cool!

              3.  Admiral Gardner shipwreck coins – affordable and stunningly detailed, these coins of the British East India Company embrace the history of pirates, the Age of Exploration, the creation of the modern world, and a whole bunch of fascinating history in between!

                For the Love of Your Life:

                What do you get for that special someone who means the most to you? Not an easy task. This one may call for that one-of-a-kind treasure creation… to get your creative juices flowing, how about:

                For Ever Wax Seal jewelry pendant1.  A pure silver pendant with two hearts tied with a ribbon above the words: “For Ever”… hand made with a Victorian wax sealing device.

                Spanish Escudo Doubloon 22K Gold Coin Pendant2.  Matching treasure coin pendants for you and the one you love.

                3.  The gleaming gold of empires past – whether Spanish doubloons, Portuguese cross coins, ancient Byzantine treasures, unique and stunning Japanese samurai gold pieces, or stunning medieval French masterpieces, each of these treasures is a once-in-a-lifetime heirloom gift like none other!

                  We would love to help you make your special day the best ever! After all, we are certified "matching treasure to people" experts (and we’ll be sure and keep your secret!)

                  Call our History Hotline at 503.436.1626 to get the perfect gift winging its way to you – or directly to the one you love!