The First Rule of Treasure Hunting...

The First Rule of Treasure Hunting...

Fire on the Beach Cannon Beach Oregon Treasure HuntingAs I always say to a newbie... WRITE THIS DOWN!

The first rule of treasure hunting: BE THE FIRST ON THE BEACH in the morning!

And no matter what beach you are searching for treasure, this is what you want to see: a sand bank and gravel.

Recent storms have helped Ecola Creek wash away the deep sand that blew on shore during the summer. So there is a deep bank cut in the sand in the foreground, and in the creek you can see gravel.

At the bottom of the bank-cut you will find items (shiny items!), that have settled deep under the sand.The gravel in the creek is sitting close to the hard-pan, and heavy objects, like coins, have settled into the gravel.

Then the most important trick - be the first one there! Good hunting!

And if you don't have a metal detector, you can have a fire on the beach and watch the sun rise like these ladies are doing!

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