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Summer is Here!

Summer is in full swing, and here at Cannon Beach Treasure Co, our holds be burstin' with swag! New treasures make their appearance on an almost daily basis as new and experienced treasure seekers join us on our ever-expanding trip through history! Because we're so swamped, let's get right to it!

Here's what's new (and underway) on our fair shore (that comes to mind at this writing):

Plans for our 1715 Treasure Fleet extravaganza are well underway!

Join us for our special VIP Shipwreck Party on the night of July 31st (the night the Fleet met its fate)... read more below - or visit any time Saturday, August 1st, when we will be joined by a host of treasure-loving guests to celebrate this historic 300-year-anniversary!

2015 marks an extraordinary anniversary, and one near and dear to Robert's heart... the 300th anniversary of the sinking of the legendary 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet. It was off the sandy shores of modern-day Vero Beach, Florida that the ill-fated Spanish galleons, loaded with thousands of pounds of glittering silver Pieces of Eight and golden Doubloons, were dashed against the reefs, and where Robert got his start as a Treasure Salvor over 25 years ago.

And now this treasure has come to rest in Cannon Beach, where we've kicked off our year-long celebration of this amazing event! Our special 1715 Fleet exhibit, premiering this Summer, showcases coins and artifacts from 40 years of salvage efforts, including:

Some of the most exquisite treasure coins ever recovered from the Fleet

  • Custom made jewelry creations featuring 1715 Fleet Pieces of Eight and Doubloons created by Robert Knecht in our in-gallery jewelry studio
  • The private 1715 Fleet collection of Frank Vaughn, never before seen by the public
  • Artifacts from the Fleet that will astound you - how did they survive 300 years to be here today?
  • Glittering natural, uncut Columbian emeralds salvaged from the Fleet in the most stunning green we've seen.
  • Unique salvage stories from the men who recovered this amazing treasure!

New men’s jewelry styles are here!

Whether you’re a Celtic Ring guy, would prefer historic Chain Maille or love the rugged look of ancient Roman Glass, it’s here for you. We also have new Roman coin rings featuring bronze Constantine the Great coins. (And, for you ladies, we have a beautiful new line of Roman coin rings just for you!)


New Concepcion 1641 treasure coins have emerged from the vault of our friend and Treasure Diver Captain Carl “Fizz” Fismer

Some the best we’ve ever had – all with amazing crosses and that wonderfully unique “scoop” shape.


New Crusader silver hammered pennies – from hoards found along the Pilgrim’s trail.


Civil War artifacts… expanded.

Beyond coins and ammunition sets, we now have 2”, 1.7 lb. canister shot, cannon fuses, Selma Armory Confederate “Minnie” balls, cap and ball sets and more.


New Victorian dug bottles...

from England and Scotland, including Quack cures for dogs and cats, toothpaste pot lids, and the wonderful “Not to Be Taken” cobalt blue poison bottles (yes, just like the ones in Alice and Wonderland).

And, the Winter sea glass hunts have long concluded...

and rare colors are back! Red, orange, turquoise, yellow and even purple are here. And, we have an all new collection of sea glass lockets, earrings, bracelets, anklets and pendants ready and waiting for you.


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